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National Property Management Network

National Property Management Network (NPMN) was formed by four property management company owners wanting to assist other property managers in doing business by providing them with options for best practices, mentorship, vendor discounts, and insurance products. It was our intent to help create an organization that can assist the Property Management company owner in building the best business possible to fit their desired outcome.

NPMN will continually add more value added services to our company that will benefit the property management company owner by saving them time, saving them money, and decreasing their costs of doing business.

We plan on making this an ideal organization to be a part of so all of our members can be proud to be affiliated with us!


Platinum Tenant Liability Insurance

COST: $9.00 Per Month, Per Home
COVERAGE: $100,000

Property Managers now have an affordable solution to provide their Tenants with liability coverage. This policy will offer the Landlord $100,000 per occurrence in coverage for tenant liability damages resulting from fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump, water damage, falling objects and collision with vehicles at no cost to the landlord you represent.

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